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The camp guide has now also been published in English

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May news has been published!

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See you in the camp!

By the second deadline by the end, nearly 2700 firefighters have enrolled in 257 different fire brigades. Finnish fire brigades have registered 236 and 21 fire brigades from Germany. You can register for the camp until 30 June 2018.


From the project manager

An eventful February has turned into March and we are approaching spring. The main event in February was Jamboree seminar in Lohtaja, which gathered almost 140 camp experts from almost 70 different fire brigades around Finland - what a great amount! During that weekend the spheres of activity managed to polish their plans, the map of the camp area is very close to its final version and a couple of spheres agreed on some planning gatherings before the camp in the spring.

Scout representatives visited the area during the seminar weekend. Their camp “Tempus18” will start 22.7. and end 29.7. in the same area as ours. The camps are very similar when comparing the basic activities, so we have a lot in common. We wish the scouts a great camp!

Next the organisation will gather with representatives from different spheres of activity to plan how to make arriving to the camp’s opening day and visitation day easy. On the opening day, a large number of fire brigaders with tents and gear will need to find their places as quickly and smoothly as possible. For planning this we need to know the sizes and amounts of tents in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and get all the tents in their right places on the first try.

Registration for the camp is still open, and this is a good time to challenge more participants to the camp, to courses as well as working as officials. Our program selection is broad, there will be enough activities from dawn to dusk.

Two spheres of activity, publicity and safety, are still looking for a time and place for their planning days. These events as well as all the rest you can find in the calendar of our web pages. There is only 117 days left until the camp and soon we will send out more detailed camp instructions to the participants. If you are uncertain of something concerning the camp, please contact me or a sphere of activity. Contact information is available on our web site.

Rovaniemi 5.3.2018

Pertti Heikkilä, project manager


From the project manager

As the year changed the first phase of registration ended on the last day of the year. We received almost 2000 registrations from over 200 fire brigades from Finland and abroad. What a great result, thank you all who registered!

At the end of last year the camp daycare, program and course leaders were refining their plans. The management team of the camp also held a meeting before the year changed. After new year the daycare, canteen and first aid have had meetings. Also the camp office gathered in Turku with representatives from all spheres of activities to go through all the participants, who registered before January. Needed information was specified and presentations were clarified. All spheres of activity have been busy, as they should be.

The next important phase is the jamboree seminar in Lohtaja on 23.-25.2. There the spheres of activity will deepen their plans of the use of the area and these plans will be adapted among all spheres in order for the big picture to be under control during the camp. We have already almost 90 registrations for this event, from 44 different fire brigades across Finland. Registration ends on 14.2., so you still have time to registrate in HAKA and meet other camp experts and give your input to the planning process of the camp.

A new issue of Camp News will air in February. It will be focused on training and consist of information about the camp’s central sphere of activity: the courses. In this number you will also find contact informations, map of the camp area and other useful information.

We have made a request to the brigades to receive more detailed information on their tents, vehicles and trailers. Sending this crucial information will not take long, but it makes our planning work a lot easier! More information can be found on our website under “announcements”.

Next week we will open registration for the “setting up the camp” and “taking down the camp” –camps. The camps will be added to HAKA under events and jamboree. And while you add yourself and all volunteers from your brigade to these camps, you can also add information about your brigade to HAKA if needed.

Registration for the camp continues and the next phase will end on 30.4.2018. Soon the cold season will be behind us and springtime will come as the sunlight increases. I wish an active spring for all, please be in contact if you have any questions!

Rovaniemi 8.2.2018, Project manager Pertti Heikkilä


You`ll find January news below this link


November news are also published in English! You can find the news in our Materialbank (Materiaalipankki) at our websites.



Hello international camp participants, please start sending me the Registration Exels!!! After that we can start sending you the bills. Greetings Florian Krüger

Rovaniemi 26.5.2017

Welcome to the site of the jamboree for the Youth Fire Brigades!

Lapland’s Rescue Union in partnership with The Finnish National Rescue Association organise an international jamboree for youth fire brigades in Lohtaja 1.-7.7.2018. The camp is situated 30 km north of the city of Kokkola in a shooting and training area of the Finnish Defense Forces. The area is the most important protected area for the dune nature type. The land area is 1400 hectares, 1200 hectares of which belong to the Natura 2000 -network of the European Union.

Registration for the camp will be opened 1.6.2017. Registration instructions will be published on this site in May 2017. For international guests the camp fee will be charged in two installments, which are due the last day of July and the last day of December. The camp fee is 170,00€ / person (adult or youth). The fee includes four meals per day, a camp shirt, training and the camp program. For international groups there will be accommodation in tents on behalf of the organiser.

At the moment we have interested participants from Germany, Austria and Russia. We are expecting around 3500 participants to the camp. Additional information on the training is available from Florian Kruger and on other matters from the project manager Pertti Heikkilä



International Rescue -course

Language skills (at conversational level) are required, you are social, brave and you take initiative. A short application in the language you know best (not your native tongue) and a mention of other languages you know and at what level. If your language skills are on interpreting level, please mention it on your application. You can participate in the course even if you have already taken it before. The application period starts already 1.6.2017!

Course leader Florian Kruger


Stefan Hecht Jaana Rantanen


SAND 2017 camp

In July we organise a pre-camp for about 400 junior firefighters in the same area and we will utilise its experiences in the 2018 jamboree. You can follow the activities of the SAND camp on these www-pages and on Facebook.


Protector of the camp Pekka Hyysalo

Freeski rider Pekka Hyysalo (born 1990) was in the beginning of his professional career, when one second changed everything. In April 2010 he got into a severe jumping accident in Ylläs, received a life threatening brain injury and was in a coma for three weeks. Contrary to bleak prognosis, he recovered into an independent life with the power of persistence and not giving up.

With help from his austrian friend, Hyysalo created a brand FightBack to support his rehabilitation. When a fight for rankings turned into a fight for his life, his values were renewed and now he is making his dream come true by helping others who have received a head injury.

Pekka Hyysalo is also known for Team FightBack, which he has founded. He was chosen the person of the year in the city of Turku and the most positive person of Finland 2014.

You can get to know the FightBack -products through this link and be part of supporting an important cause.

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